RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife – Adriano Bolognino

History of unpredictability. Routine of two flight attendants who are struggling with passengers, indications and contingencies. Explore the behaviors and actions of this profession. Explore especially the risks and the different reactions when it is necessary to face an inevitable fall and therefore to face death.
Keep calm for passengers or let your role go, covered by a fake coldness?
A hyper-precise and aesthetic language, absorbed in an atmosphere of continuous tension and total absurdity.
We are in a painting of Francisco Goya: grotesque, absurd, cynical, but at the same time we are on the planet of perfection.
Choreography by Adriano Bolognino
Dancers: Rosaria Di Maro\Giorgia Longo
Winner of Premio Prospettiva Danza Padova 2019
Selected for NETWORK ANTICORPI XL 2019
Finalist Direzioni Altre CieTWAIN 2018
With the support of Compagnia degli istanti\Compagnia Simona Bucci
Short Bio:
Adriano Bolognino (1995) works as dancer for Milano Contemporary Ballet in the production Entity of Wayne McGregor and in Connections by R. Altamura / V. Brancadoro. He also dances for the company Déjà Donné, for Marcos Morau, J. Crespo, F. Curci, with the company Valencia Dancing Forward and takes part in the project STUDIOXL with Natalia Iwaniec, Damian Munoz, Laura Matano, Nicoletta Cabassi. In 2018 he worked with the choreographer Jorge Crecis as dancer and assistant at the University of the Arts in Malta. As choreographer, he won the NEWDANCEGENERATION contest with the creation Yellow. Create for the EgriBiancoDanza company Your body is a battleground (trio version) and for the Verona OCDP training project the show Preludio dell’anima. He is also the choreographer for the Cross Festival Verbania 2019, Venice Biennale Choreographers 2019, for which he has created La più viva delle città morte, Peccati di Chore Roma and Estate Fiorentina 2019. Selected for Anghiari Dance Hub 2019.
He won the award for best choreographer at the Festival Corpo Mobile 2019 in Rome with Your body is a battleground (studio-only version), selected for the Festival Inventaria (Rome). With RM94978 from Paris to Tenerife, work selected for the Showcase of the young dance of author Anticorpi XL 2019,he is a finalist of the Twain_direzioni altre Award and wins in 2019 the Award,Premio Prospettiva Danza Teatro Padova.

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