Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer. Born in Bombay. Since the age of 12 he has studied ballet and contemporary dance in Turin with Susanna Egri, joining her company in 1988. In 1991 he graduated with full marks at the “University of Dance” MA in Choreography. His international carreer as a dancer started in 1992 to 1994 at Norwegian National Contemporary Dance Company “NYE Carte Blanche” in Bergen (choreographies by Rui Horta, IC Johanssen, Solvi Edvardsen, Arne Fogerholt). Later he collaborated with Micha Van Hoecke and his Ensemble (1994-1995), later in France at the Ballet du Nord (1995-1999), working with choreographers such as JC Gallotta, C. Brumachon, Niels Christe and dancing as a soloist in many productions of the choreographer and director Maryse Delente. He has always wanted to develop his choreographic skills, by. creating choreographies for the company “I Balletti di Susanna Egri”, for various Gala showcases, International Festivals. In 1999 he came back in Turin and funded with Susanna Egri EgriBiancoDanza Company, becoming resident choreographer. He has created most of the Company repertoire going from theatre performances until site-specific works, touring in Italy and abroad in Festivals as Infiorata in Genzano Italy, Budapest Spring Festival Hungary, TorinoDanza Festival Italy, Ohrid International Dance Festival Macedonia, International Dance Festival Fintdanz Chile, E45 Naples Fringe Festival Italy, Vignale Monferrato Festival Italy, Aura dance festival Lithuania, Tanz Bielefeld- Germany…. In more than 30 years of activity, he has received several awards as dancer (es. Rieti Premio Positano, finalist at Concours International de Paris) and as choreographer (es. in Italy Roma in Danza 2013, Solo Coreografoco, Le Voci dell’anima, in Poland Nijinsky Award). In 2002 he has named the dance season of Fondazione Egri IPUNTIDANZA, since then part of his work as director is also managing his team of collaborators in order to create new focus and projects around the company development and also expanding the Fondazione Egri goals. Craeting new dance seasons, encouraging creation of young artisti, international exchanges, giving chance to tour to other Italian dance companies, increasing project of audience engagement, in order to create sinergies between cites in Piemonte region around dance field.