EartHeart - il cuore della terra (experiential phase)

EartHeart – il cuore della terra (experiential phase)

EartHeart, as the play on words in English suggests, combines the word heart with the word earth: the heart is the engine of the body, it is the beating of life, and like him, the earth too has a heart, multiplied by all the dimensions in which the life manifests itself.

The project foresees the involvement of the dancers of the Company with a specific ecosystem and local communities. The need is to return to listening to nature to rediscover archetypal landscapes, inner horizons and renewed listening, grafting parallels and combinations between landscapes and  landscape, interior and musical, and to rediscover our roots, psychophysical habits, social and natural identities, practices and traditions linked to the territory of belonging. An in situ research aimed at collecting material for a theatrical reworking, documented in three videos for each experience.

The EartHeart Project will take place   between 2022 and 2023 in two phases: a first phase will unfold on the Piedmont and Ligurian territory (between mountains, plains and sea) and includes a first research section in situ and its public restitution in performative form, and a second stage of theatrical and dramaturgical reworking based on the experiences gathered in the different ecosystems during the first stage.

This project opens a new way of research for the EgriBiancoDanza Company together with Raphael Bianco that the choreographer wants to define as a widespread production. A new research methodology that involves several steps over a longer period of time, in which the work in the dance studio is the point of arrival for the definition of the choreographic material that will give life to a first installation phase which will be followed by the theatrical piece.