DAS/Danzatelierstudios, directed by Elena Rolla, was founded by her and Eleonora Mercatali in April 2008.
Elena and Eleonora met at the Laban Dance Centre in London where they obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2006. In the same year they decided, after distinct individual work experiences, to found the DAS.
Their intent is to create productions of contemporary dance through a research aimed mainly at highlighting the different characteristics and the multiple languages of the performative arts.
The professional experiences in Italy and especially abroad gives them a broad view of the current developments of contemporary dance. This allows them to range from the theatre, to the site-specific, to the events, meeting the trends of the contemporary panorama.
An undoubted added value is represented by the possibility of collaborating with international artists and several artistic associations have been born over the years. The most consistent collaborations are with Katla Thor (Iceland), Miikka Ryytyy (Finland), Sayouba Siguè and Serge Somé (Burkina Faso).
This gives to DAS to contribute to the diffusion of contemporary dance in Italy and abroad, and to enrich the fruition of this art by favoring the artistic and formative interchange.

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