DAS – DanzAtelierStudios, directed by Elena Rolla, originally associated with the Fondazione Egri to carry out performative and educational activities, has now transformed into a true department of the Egri Foundation dedicated to audience engagement, adopting and integrating its practices, embodying its values and at the same time maintaining its identity as a choreutic and theatrical melting pot.
Precisely for these characteristics, the DAS is today the tool, the operational arm of the Fondazione Egri community activities, thanks to the coordination, dialogue and training and an inclusive comparison with citizens and with the professional and amateur dance communities carried out over time.
DAS promotes the construction of a solid bond between artists, companies and spectators, intercepts new audiences and promotes dance practices, integrating and promoting the activities planned in the local, national and international schedule of events and shows of the Egri Foundation for Dance with a view to reinforce and amplify the prospects of socio-cultural impact in the short, medium and long term.

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