EgriBiancoDanza Company directed by Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco established in Turin in 1999. The Company inherits the more than thirty years of experience of the previous company “I Balletti di Susanna Egri”. It stands out for a repertoire signed by Raphael Bianco, presenting works with   social and spiritual values  and also pieces by guests national and international choreographers.  These characteristics have allowed it to meet the favor of the public and critics and establish itself as one of the most interesting realities of Italian dance field.

EgriBiancoDanza  company embodies some of the distinctive characters and values of the Fondazione Egri per la Danza: curiosity, origins and innovation, research and sharing. Values that are required to all the artists in the Company. EgriBiancoDanza is presenting 8 dancers from high-level professional experiences and with a solid repertoire that ranges from  ballet to contemporary dance. The company’s style brings together the preparation a solid academic base for the dynamic varieties of today’s choreographic creation.

“We are both convinced of the need to create a different Company, which intends to deepen through dance a more intimate exploration of the human soul, building a bridge, at the dawn of the third millennium, between the recent past and the near future. To this goal Raphael Bianco left the French National Company, in which he has been involved for four years, to share with me the risk of this new adventure. ” (S.E.).


EgriBiancoDanza is an author’s company and in fact most of the repertoire is signed by Raphael Bianco and is characterized by a great variety of styles.
Since 2017 the Company has opened its doors to guest choreographers from Italy and abroad  such as: Miikka Ryytty (Finland), Patricia Apergi (Greece), Salvatore Romania (Italy), Marco Chenevier (Italy), Daniele Ninnarello (Italy).
The Company is also organizing specific calls for choreographers that wish to work with it (SHOWCASE – call for choreographers under 35 and AREPO – call for choreographers over 35) this is enriching its repertoire with innovative proposals. Some of the winning choreographers have been: Giovanni Napoli, Adriano Bolognino, Sofia Nappi, Pablo Girolami
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EgriBiancoDanza Company has achieved brilliant successes in prestigious national and international theaters, festivals and networks (Festival dell’Infiorata a Genzano – Italy, Budapest Spring Festival – Hungary , Festival TorinoDanza – Italy, Ohrid International Dance Festival – Macedonia, Festival Internazionale di Danza Fintdanz-Cile, Vignale Monferrato Festival – Italy, Invito alla Danza – Italy, Bielefeld Tanz Festival – Germany, Aura Dance Festival – Lithuania, International dance Festival of Sarajevo).

Fondazione Egri per la Danza / Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza are supported by public and private institutions as  Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Piemonte, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Fondazione CRB, Fondazione CRC, Città di Torino, Città di Moncalieri, Studio Rolla, and recognized by municipalities as  Consiglio Regionale Piemonte, Città di Giaveno, Città di Verbania, Comune di Vigliano Biellese, Comune di Genova.


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