COREOGRAPHY Adriano Bolognino
MUSIC Moderat

The creation, inspired by the artist Barbara Kruger, and in specific to the work “Your body is a battleground”, from which it takes the title, wants to investigate the conscience of the individual, get to wonder and investigate what we actually put into discussion of social models. Obviously it focus a lot on the women role in society today, taking inspiration from the work of the same name, created as pro-abortion advertising, and highlighting issues that even today after thirty years, still referring to the work, are still very much alive. Who decides what a woman should do or not do? Who decides what it must be or not? At the center of the work there is  the feminine ideal that society has and that despite the years has not yet been set aside, archived. 

As the title of the work says, all bodies are a battlefield. This is because all the personalities are preventive and try to be more and more performative with respect to the social aspect of their life. Society imposes stereotypes, models and it is increasingly difficult to dissociate itself, this is because the world is growing and is increasingly focusing on its external appearance, on what others think; and social media are certainly a means that emphasizes this side even more. The woman, always a symbol of fertility and seduction, is certainly the most subject to exploitation and tries to follow fashion sometimes even coming to change her body. In creation there is a challenge between two personalities: one that wants to try to be what society asks to be and expects to be; another, rebellious, who tries with irony to be what she wants to be, and accepts herself for her peculiarities, to be different from all the others. The choreography becomes a tool to understand and analyze the capitalist dynamics that make the body an object. The emphasized movements and the abstraction of the  choreographic creation wants on  one hand to highlight the alienation of the human body today and on the other to take with irony a very important and current topic, trying to see it under a different key but without losing it precisely ‘importance. 

Society has appropriated itself in second moments of the means used by Kruger to reconfirm its completely opposite ideas. We can simply throughout art, in this case throughout dance, using the same irony, turn the coin again and try to definitively eliminate some models under which we are prisoners.