COREOGRAPHY Cristian Magurano
MUSIC Spiritualized, Vini Vici e Astrix
COSTUME Melissa Boltri

“Umana mente” is a ballet that explores one of the most dark side of the human mind, the violent and unscrupulous side that increasingly seems to inhabit today’s society; a greedy mind that is the right of the life and death of others. Consider the exploitation of natural resources, current immigration policies and intensive breeding techniques that have deprived life of its value.
Where will this lead to those around us and to what surrounds us? And what value do we really give to life today?
Referring to the Latin phrase “mors tua vita mea” we will try to answer these questions. We will explore, through dance, the consequences of a selfish and opportunist society that could mark the future of the entire planet.
This expression can in fact be only one winner; the failure of a state fundamental to the success of another refering to the consequences of life for the continuous survival struggle.

“Every person that come throughout our life is unique. He always leaves a little of himself and takes away part of us. […] This is the greatest responsibility of our life and the clear proof that two souls do not meet by chance. “J. L. Borges