In the year Rossiniano, a show dedicated to the genius of Gioachino Rossini, a composer inextricably linked to food and wine (a source of inspiration for some of his creations). The Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza presents a double-bill with Choreographies of the resident choreographer Raphael Bianco, the first one is a revival of a great success:

In its creation the choreographer Raphael Bianco points out three aspects of chocolate: sensuality, splendour, enjoyment. Micro stories inspired by recipes having as a central element the food of the gods.

Spezie e aromi was inspired by the contest between chefs with unpredictable outcomes, where the use of spices and aromas are the added value of each dish but at the same time cause of equivocation and hilarious twists. The dance in this case is burlesque and surreal. A show that combines dance, prose and live music, performed by Camerata Ducale in Vercelli, where Rossini’s music is the common denominator to celebrate body and food.