RING OF LOVE – a glamour rock dance show

Conception and choreography Raphael Bianco
Choreography assistant Elena Rolla
Maitre de ballet Vincenzo Galano
Lights Enzo Galia
Costumes Melissa Boltri
Musicians 6
Dancers 9
Singer 1
Duration 50 min

“Love is careless in its choosing…. love descends on those defenceless” (Love has no regard in its choices..  Love Swits on those who are helpless)
These some words extrapolated from the song “Soul Love” by David Bowie open Ring of love.
No holds barred love disrupts the cards and rules by challenging souls to a sometimes fierce sometimes lyrical and sometimes unspeakable confrontation. A dance of body and bowels to represent a mysterious delirium that fills and disrupts life. A ring for 8 rounds of fights and fights. Multimedia show music and live singing that through the epochs of rock from the glamour of David Bowie and Bryan Ferry to the punk of Talking Heads and the Stooges up to the electronic of Depeche Mode and Radiohead, evokes among the most beautiful songs dedicated to love in Tut You its forms. Love is the protagonist of this latest creation of Raphael Bianco who is the interpreter and choreographer together with the extraordinary dancers of the EgriBiancoDanza Company and the Ivan Bert Dark Magus Orchestra. A show for the end of the year dynamic and electrifying preceded as usual by an aperitif to celebrate together with the Egri Foundation the transition to the new year.