Between 2013 and 2014 the EgriBiancoDanza Company decided to set up an evening entirely dedicated to Nijinsky joining in one event three historical ballets of its repertoire:

Ballet inspired by the original choreographed by Nijinsky, created in 2002 by Raphael Bianco for Luigi Bonino with the scenery by Emanuele Luzzati. The ballet has now toured the world, in some of the most important European theatres such as the Théatre des Champs Elysées in Paris and the Taganka Theatre in Moscow. In a boarding school, during the hours of sleep, the impulses and desires of the kids emerge in dreams, as well as those, secretly concealed, of their preceptor.

Creation by Susanna Egri of 1979 inspired by the plot created by Vaslav Nijinsky. The creation of the Egri is totally original compared to that attributed to Nijinsky and uses the technique of ballet on point to give life to the love triangle entrusted to three dancers of the company EgriBiancoDanza.

The ballet created on the occasion of the Thirty Years of the law Basaglia for the closure of asylums is centred on the madness of Nijinsky and was created on “La Valse”, one of the most famous and significant pages of the composer Maurice Ravel, great collaborator of ” Ballets Russes “, also swallowed by madness… Between laceration and feelings of guilt, morbid sensibility, complexes of inferiority and sudden exaltations, alienation and visions.

“This is for me the soul of Nijinsky compared to its ghosts in the reality transfigured and dispersed of a maze of shadows: Timeless, dreamless, no defences, no return.” (Raphael Bianco)