Conception and choreography Raphael Bianco
Choreography Assistant Elena Rolla
Maitre de ballet Vincenzo Galano
Sound concept and concert live Peter Pirelli
Sound sculptures Pinuccio Sciola
Lights Enzo Galia
Costumes Marta Scarampi
Dancers 7
Duration 1 h

Silenzio di Pietra, ballet originally commissioned by the Torino Danza Festival 2005, revived with the title Memoirs of Stone, in a brand new version that was presented on 11 and 12 May 2014 at the “Fondazione Sandretto Rebaudengo” of Turin.
A choreographic installation by Raphael Bianco who uses the sound sculptures of Pinuccio Sciola, a Sardinian sculptor of international renown. The stones are in fact arranged as stages of an evolutionary path. The installation involves the active participation of the public in the generation of sounds and the consequent reaction of the dancers and the musician/author by the dynamic sound produced, creating each time different choreographic events based on a “Plot” preconceived.