LIGHT’S HEROES – choreogame

Conception and choreography Raphael Bianco
Choreography Assistant Elena Rolla
Maitre de ballet Vincenzo Galano
Music Alin Andrei
Lights Enzo Galia
Costumes Melissa Boltri
Dancers 8
Duration 1h

The show involves the kids of the schools in a choreographic game, Choreogame, which has as its ultimate goal to find the light, that is the victory, through constant interaction between the public and the dancers. The performance of the highly formative content, aims at the delineation of the figure and the pivotal role of the choreographer, within the process of conception and structuring of a ballet.
The kids, divided into three teams, will have to choose and characterize the respective characters/protagonists of the game and during the course will have to face and manage a series of obstacles and bonuses, represented by other dancers, which will encourage or They will prevent access to new steps and different scenarios for the conquest of Light/victory. These are the ingredients of a training course, approaching the choreography, right through the game.
The kids, immersed in a gestural universe, will have to organize and manipulate, in real-time, each character, characterized by dynamics, rhythms, quality of movement and different paths. This is done under the supervision of the tutor. At the end of the show, after the children have unknowingly experienced the work of choreographic writing, a confrontation with the author and the interpreters will reveal the dynamics of the choreographic composition, the analysis of the movement and its Understanding. This will allow the acquisition of critical tools that are more concrete and aware to analyze the structure of a choreography, taking knowledge of the main factors that are founded: space, time and energy.