Conception and choreography Raphael Bianco
Choreography Assistant Elena Rolla
Maitre de ballet Vincenzo Galano
Music Ivan Bert
Musicians 3
Costumes Melissa Boltri
Dancers 4
Duration 30 min

Show conceived for a travelling route, commissioned by the Festival Fringe of Naples 2013 for the Galleria Borbonica. On stage, in addition to the 4 dancers, 3 musicians accompany the movements with sound improvisations and percussive. This choreography immerses the spectator in the first person, in a path of search and struggle for a new dimension of life. Four men flee, chase each other, attack, support each other and ally each other. A deliberately mysterious performance, with four characters in search of living space, with the desire to reach a dimension of quiet, far from the storm and the hell in which one wanders.