The dance in Turin since 1950

Tradition and innovation – this might be the slogan of the School founded by Susanna Egri more than 60 years ago, and still directed by her – unique case in Italy. Susanna Egri who in the feel of the teaching is an undisputed authority on while as always given equal important to basic formation witch effects of those (the vast majority) willing simple to benefits of this educational and cultural values as well as to the professional formation witch need to be started precociously by those who might choose the dance as a profession. In fact the tuition starts at the age of four with propaedeutic, where under the look of play and amusement the kids are guided to discipline and body awareness – qualities proving later precious even if grown up as layers, doctors or simple parents. In the same time those who completed the high level of the studies (classical, modern, contemporary) reach the possibility to obtain a job in a professional company pretending nowadays all around theatre artists. Bested this, the School offers also special courses to adults, maybe nostalgic of early studies, or even beginners: barre à terre, modern gym, elementary ballet, all given by specialists, in order to assure to those willing to benefits of the values of dance activities the joyful feeling of the well train body. A School that does not yield to fashion, but looks to the future knowledge to the tradition.