Conception and choreography Raphael Bianco
Choreography Assistant Elena Rolla
Maitre de ballet Vincenzo Galano
Music David Hykes, John Cage, John Adams
Lights Enzo Galia
Costumes Melissa Boltri
Dancers 8
Duration 1.15 h

It is a triple-bill: Sacred dance, Secret dance and Simply dance. In Sacred dance, The attention is focused on the sacred origin of the gesture and dance in which it is a structured, physical and spiritual vehicle to communicate with the transcendent.

In Secret dance, the gesture is explored in its seductive aspect, in fact especially in the ancient dances (Pavana, low dance or Allemanda) the severe and codified structure did not allow explicit manifestations of desire, but Secretly emerged among the dancers, small gestures hid secret passions, daquila representation of those secret dances, short moments of passion with different epilogues, parallel to the sobriety of appearance.

Finally, in Simply Dance the dance is presented in its most known aspect, or as an element of aggregation and amusement. The playful aspect of the dance also offers the possibility of having fun through every kind of dance without preclusion of styles. A playful and eclectic ballet to reaffirm the concept that dance is one and it appears under multiform aspects: a universal dance to entertain and communicate.